Common Service Questions at Subaru of Morgantown

Q: Why Should I Service My Subaru at a Subaru Dealership?

A: Our Subaru dealership includes a Subaru-authorized service center that includes certified technicians to provide the right amount of precision and care needed for your Subaru. Not only do we provide more assurance and speed than your average repair shop in Morgantown, but we also offer service specials to help you keep your costs to a minimum. For complicated repairs or installations, we offer the equipment and experience needed to follow factory standards and best practices.

Q: What is the Lifetime Oil & Filter Program?

A: The lifetime oil and filter program allows you to take the hassle out of basic oil service by paying for the program upfront. You can take advantage of this program by visiting any Lithia store across the country. Many drivers around Brownfield, PA, and beyond choose this program to protect themselves against increasing oil costs and save money in the long term

Q: Why is It Important to Have Regular Car Maintenance?

A: Regular car maintenance is the only way to retain the highest value for your vehicle and avoid preventable damage. Our service team helps take the hassle out of routine auto service and lowers financial barriers by offering service specials to help you keep up with needed maintenance. By following a factory-recommended service schedule, you can get a higher resale value for your vehicle and spend less on repairs and replacements.

Q: How Do I Know When to Replace Tires?

A: Tires need to be replaced based on their condition and age. Tires may last up to ten years but typically need replacing every six years due to damage or wear. We recommend you consider changing your tires if your tires are approaching less than 2/32s of an inch of tread, have cuts or punctures, or have uneven tread wear.

Q: When Should I Replace My Car Battery?

A: Most car batteries need replacing every four to five years or when your vehicle has dim lights or trouble starting the engine. Without a properly working battery, you can not only have more trouble starting your vehicle in temperature extremes, but you could find yourself stranded. Our service team provides high-quality batteries to match your Subaru model, can run diagnostics, and check cables and connections.

Q: Do I Need Winter Tires?

A: Yes, Morgantown and surrounding areas can expect snow, ice, and sleet during winter, and there's no substitute for the safety of winter tires. Only snow tires offer freezing-resistant rubber that keeps its traction in cold weather, along with slipping for ice and tread that sheds snow.

Q: How Often Should I Get My Brakes Checked?

A: A professional should check your brakes every year or twelve thousand miles to ensure there are no serious issues. However, if your brakes feel spongy, the pedal travels a longer distance than usual, or you hear scaping, schedule brake service as soon as possible. Our technicians will check all aspects of your brakes and provide genuine replacements as needed.

Q: Do I Need a Protection Plan?

A: We never push protection plans, and they are not required for a purchase, but they do complement certain lifestyles by providing more peace of mind. Our protection plans can save you money by covering additional components your warranty may not cover or by simply taking away the cost of losing a key fob. Our sales team is available to provide more information about our protection plans.

Q: What if I have another question about my Subaru?

A: We can answer any question you have about Subaru Service or Parts. Fill out the form below and we'll get back to you with an answer soon. We look forward to seeing you in our Parts and Service Department!

We are very excited to be the place to reach out to when you need vehicle attention. We will work with you to get you the service you need for your trusty Subaru today. Give us a call or conveniently schedule online with us soon!

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