I have a feeling that this will land as a sales lead but I need someone to hand this to the general manager for this dealership or to the service manager. Thank you in advance. So often management is only made aware when there's a negative experience and consumers want to voice their negative comments/complaints. But this email is to highlight the exceptional customer service that I received this past Friday, 1/22/2016 at your dealership. My children attend WVU and so I traveled to Morgantown because my daughter's Nissan Murano had major issues with her tires. I had her drop it off after speaking to Tonya in service. Tonya patiently answered my questions and numerous phone calls (since the roads delayed my time of arrival in Mtown). She was knowledgeable, courteous and amazingly patient. But the story doesn't stop there, the real reason why I'm taking time to highlight Tonya as an exemplary employee and representative for John Howard's Nissan dealership is what she did for me with my other daughter's vehicle, a Mazda 3. Shortly after picking up the Murano on Friday morning, I took the Mazda to get tires, the vendor at the store broke off 3 wheel studs and therefore it wasn't driveable. Being away from home, I tried calling the closest Mazda  dealership and explain the situation. I was told that they would need to order the parts and given the impending snowstorm, it won't be until Tuesday/Wed that they could get this fixed. I took a leap of faith and called Tonya. Not only was she willing to hear my predicament, she went above and beyond to get me answers and solutions. Even if she couldn't fix it, I felt at that moment she was trying so hard. At the end not only was the vehicle towed to your dealership, Tonya had it fixed and will finish up the job later in the week. I am so grateful for her diligence and my daughters have been instructed by me to schedule any services needed for their cars with Tonya for as long as they are in Morgantown. Thank you Tonya for the superb customer service you provided to us. Lastly can I please get an email confirming that this made it to the management team.

All the best,
Cathy Ho

thank you very much.  You were very kind and thorough.  You were the only one (during all my new car purchases) who went through all the features of my new car in addition to the owner's manual.  It was a pleasant buying experience.  I love my new car!
Catherine C.

I've been looking towards getting a WRX for quite some time. One online chat and email from Jim Churilla, and I made my way to see them the next day. The one I had been looking at online most of the winter was gone (missed it by 2 days) but it was hard to resist the one I test drove and took it home that day. I appreciated the speed in which the deal was done. I was greeted by at least 6 people before Jim got over to see me. Overall, a great business atmosphere in my opinion. Coming from Fairmont, I was happy I decided to go north to Morgantown, rather than south to Bridgeport. Hopefully, I never have to see their service department other than regular service intervals, but if they are anything like their sales department, I'm sure i'll have no complaints.
Rusty from Fairmont, WV | March 12, 2015

James, I just want to commend you, Scott, and  Ron for the awesome service we received on Saturday, March 7, when purchasing a new Subaru.  The sale went so smoothly, and I am a true Subaru "convert".  I didn't feel like I was given the "run around".  All of you guys are gentlemen and very accommodating.  Kevin, my son who was with me, was very impressed with the entire process.  We never dreamed that we would walk out of there with a new car that same evening. 

Scott worked very hard to get me in the ballpark with the payment I could afford without arm twisting!!  He worked with us very well.
Ron was so kind as to meet Kevin here in Bridgeport on his way to work on Monday to pick up the title for my trade in.  That was a huge help.
Kudos to all of you and to John Howard Motors.  I look forward to working with you in the future.
Sandy SmithHappy new Subaru owner!!!

On behalf of my wife Jaime and I, we both wanted to again thank you for the incredible service that your entire dealership team provided us on Thursday, 8 January 2015: when we adopted our 2014 Subaru Crosstrek XV (at least, for 39 months). 

I've bought several cars over the years - always from domestic manufacturers - and I've never had the quality of all-around service that John Howard Subaru gave me, from the first step onto a (frozen, one-degree) new car inventory lot to the last signature in the business office as we took the keys to our new ride. Every single person we met was both courteous and helpful, and the end result - at least for us - was an incredibly simple and pressure-free purchase/lease experience. 

A solid car at a fair price, from a dealership staff more interested in personal relationships than slick sales techniques - we are 101% satisfied, and we're in all likelihood converted to both Subaru and to John Howard Subaru for the near future. 

Thanks again, and please feel free to share some or all of this testimonial with your present and future clients. Attached is a photo of the Crosstrek XV doing what she does best: mastering the snow. Cheers!
Nick B.

"Hey Chris, just wanted to say again how much I love my new Forester! You and Roy really led me to the perfect one! My first automatic in about 30 years and it's great although I do still reach down to shift sometimes. lol It rides soooo smooth! I have yet to drive it in snow but I guess time will tell, I've always been pretty good driving in snow anyway. Thanks again!" -

Elizabeth B.

This letter is long overdue in praise of sales person Chris Napier.  Six months ago we purchased a 2014 Forester from Chris.  When we visited the showroom, we expected the stereotypical car sales person-cocky, arrogant, pushy, lack of integrity.  We found just the opposite in Chris.  He was delightful to work with.  He listened to our needs, he was extremely knowledgeable about the Forester, made sure we understood the vehicle's features, and road demonstrated some of the more important features.  We could not have been more impressed.  Chris followed up on our purchase several weeks later to ensure that we were satisfied and had no problems.  We have never had a new car experience like this one and we wanted you to know that you have a very valuable employee in Chris.
Gail & David D.

Thank you for helping me get into a new Subaru, allowing me to save on my fuel costs. The vehicle you sold to me is much nicer than the models I was searching for online, of course it was also more money, but you were still able to help me accomplish my goal. I can't thank you and John Howard enough. The other Subaru dealer that is much closer to me would not have taken the time to work so hard to help a customer. I not only know this from personal experience, but also have a co-worker that experienced the same problems as I did with the other Subaru dealer. John Howard is the only dealer I will work with for all of my future vehicle needs. I will be sending a letter to the management of John Howard explaining how much I appreciate the kindness and genuine concern you gave to my request, not to mention your determination and dedication to staying after hours to get the sale completed, allowing me to drive home that night in my new Forester. That truly caught me by surprise. My intentions were to stop by to meet you in person and simply provide the required information requested to qualify for the Military Appreciation discount and set up an appointment for Saturday. Again I cannot thank you enough for providing me with such a great experience purchasing a new vehicle, in fact the best experience I have ever had purchasing a new vehicle, which again is why I will not consider any other dealer for my future vehicle purchases. I will be up to see you Friday afternoon probably around 1:30 to bring you the spare key for the Silverado and hopefully have a technician fix the powerlift gate for me. I also received a voicemail from Karen and apparently she needs me to sign another paper so I will take care of that as well. Thank you very much!!
R. Osborne Jr.

I would like to thank Mike in the parts department for going out of his way to assist me in a difficult parts problem, so I thought .Thanks again to John Howards staff for your service.  
 J. Williams

I just wanted to express my gratitude to Matt in the Service Department and the excellent mechanics that repaired my Mom's car. She's 83 and relies on her Legacy. Matt was very helpful in getting the car repaired as well as making her feel very comfortable with the process. The entire process and people were great. I just wanted to make sure that Matt and the other Service folks were recognized for their outstanding customer service and work.
T. Nebel

I cannot say enough good things about Marissa, who guided us through the purchase of our first Subaru.  I had been online, building an Outback, and I decided to take the plunge and work with an internet consultant to discuss the vehicles and to look at them in person.  We shared several emails before I decided to drive across town to look at the vehicles.
We hadn't planned to buy a car that night, but Marissa made us see the advantages of owning an Outback and we were literally sold. 
It was very late before all the paperwork was done, but Marissa didn't seem to mind.  She even invited me back to get some more pointers on the controls and settings after we had driven it a few times.
I have told everyone who sees and admires our new car to go to John Howard Motors to look at one for themselves. 
Here's hoping that our years with our new 'Roo will be as enjoyable as this first week has been.
Reneé S.

I just purchased a 2014 Outback Premium from John Howard Motors on 3/22/14. This was my first experience with this dealership, and I was totally impressed with the attention and professional service I received, both before, during and after my visit..  Ron Correll was very easy to work with and facilitated an AWESOME deal for my trade-in and new car purchase.  The dealership atmosphere was very cozy, plus my husband got to watch some of the March Madness games on the big screen TV.  It was the most relaxing and hassle-free car-buying experience I've ever had.  I realize the relationship with this dealership is new, but I would not hesitate to recommend John Howard Motors to anyone interested in buying a new or used car.  In fact, I already am telling my friends about them!  J

Suzanne K.
"Just bought a second Subaru for my daughter. Have been extremely pleased with the service and sales staff. They are always very helpful and give us great suggestions without being pushy. They work her car in for repairs at her convenience. I will definitely buy my next Subaru from John Howard Subaru!"
One Happy Customer.

I could not wait for the review email to make it my way so i went ahead and wrote this up.
After only having the BRZ for 2 days and putting close to 200 miles on it there is not one complaint I have about the BRZ. It's an all around excellent vehicle and its worth it's sticker price. Even with all the hills here in Morgantown it handles all of them like a boss. Its sleek body and color allows it to turn heads and gain attention when parking it. It's performance is unlike anything I've ever driven. Even only with 200 horses under the hood it still has enough punch to make an awesome and thrilling point A to point B drive. Subaru has made an excellent vehicle and it should continue to do so. Subaru has gained my business for as long as I live. The excellent staff at John Howard motors put this vehicle in my hands and it would take a lot for me to give this car up. Bud is an excellent salesman and there wasn't a question that he couldn't answer about any Subaru. If John Howard Motors has any skeptical customers coming in with interest in purchasing a BRZ point them in my direction and I will surely persuade them to make this decision hands down.
Chad H.
I just love my new vehicle and everything about it. When I drove home that evening Bill was waiting outside on the deck waiting for me.  When I got out of the car, he was grinning from ear to ear and all he could say was, "That is one bad a.. car."  HA!!!!
Thank you so much for all your help.  I have told everyone at work how painless you made buying a new vehicle.  I would recommend you to any one when it comes to purchasing a car at John Howard.
C. Reed

I want to thank all of you for helping me with my key issue.  Ralph in parts was very sweet and helpful. As an 82 year old woman, I was concerned that I wouldn't receive the assistance I'd need, but I was wrong and I was treated very well.
Please tell Mr. Buzzo that I'm very pleased with the service and so very glad that I listened to my son (he bought a Subaru from you all) about going to see you all about this problem.
S. Nebel

Thank you for making this possible Jason.. you, Julie and Chris and three of the most awesome people ever. Today all of you made my goal/dream come true. I will never be able to express enough gratitude and thanks for what you all have done for me.. Thank you so very much!!
T. Wiles

Dear Jason,
You are very personable and down to earth.  We enjoyed our car buying experience with you. Rom loved the drive home with several stops. So, we are happy campers.
Thank you for your kindness.
E. Rowan

I had an excellent experience dealing with you all at the dealership. Will see you whenever the mileage ( or time come along) for oil change. Nice to have met you all !!!
Doctor R.Ramirez

We purchased a 2010 Kia Forte from Tim Long for my stepson.  Tim was very helpful.  We had a very positive experience with Tim and your dealership as a whole.  Although we live in Winchester, Virginia I will consider driving to Morgantown again when it's time to purchase another vehicle.
R. Guntharp

I wanted to take the time to thank everyone at the Subaru dealership for the outstanding service I received last week.  I was a little nervous to walk into a car dealership, by myself, as a woman.  I thought the salesman would be like piranha gnawing me to the bone trying to sell me a car.  Never once did I feel like I was being sold a car.  I emailed Jason explaining what I wanted to do and my concerns about my financing on my Toyota.  Jason emailed me back and forth all day answer my questions and getting information about my trade in.  When I first sat down with Jason, he never mentioned the car he intended to show me, he immediately addressed my concerns about the financing.  This was the first thing that really impressed me!  He then showed me the car and let me take a test drive.  The car was just want I needed.  He didn't try to show me something more expensive with a bunch of bells and whistles that I didn't need.  He even found the color I wanted.  This was second time I was impressed with the service and I hadn't been in the dealership for 10 minutes.
When I got back from my test drive, Jason was busy with other customers.  While I waited, every salesmen that walked by me offered me a drink and made sure I was comfortable.
James then offered to run some numbers for me while I waited for Jason to finish up.  Just like Jason, James address my concerns about my finances.  Since this was my main concern, I was looking forward to hearing what could be offered to me.  The offer on my trade was more then I expected and the estimated APR rates were blowing my mind compared to the 18% I was paying on my Toyota.  The lovely lady in the finance office was able to lower my interest by 15%.  This almost floored me!!
While they finished up with the bank and got all the paperwork ready, Jason went over everything about the car with me.  He went as far as showing me the very basics like the buttons on the keys.  He even synced my phone up with the blue-tooth in the car.
I wanted to take the time to thank the entire Subaru staff who helped me, especially Jason for going above and beyond to make this a simple process and for providing me with excellent service!!  I will be sure to recommend you to everyone I know!!  I'm looking forward to doing business with your staff in the future!
Sincerely, One Truly Happy Customer
L. Pacella

Thanks, Bud. I wanted to thank YOU for being straightforward with me, working with me on different options, and, most of all, very polite and respectful. I appreciate you giving me the facts and not a lot of sales gibberish (lol). Since my time was very limited, you did an excellent job of getting this purchase taken care of in a very timely manner. I really appreciate it!
Thank you again for all of your help and I look forward to perhaps working with you again in 3-4 years.
T Burbridge
We were very happy with our shopping experience. Jason was not only helpful and patient as we made our decision but he also was very personable. I felt like we were dealing with a friend instead of a salesman. He is an asset to your sales team and I would encourage my friends and family to speak with him if they were looking to purchase a vehicle.
Pastor Terry Wilt.

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